Transit Unplugged: Can Car Customer Experience Drive Better Transit?

Stewart Mader explains how we can apply car customer experience to make transit more appealing, on Transit Unplugged, the podcast for transit leaders.

Millions of people experience transportation through the lens of driving, and this widespread experience has long influenced policy decisions that promote more driving. Can we use this same knowledge to drive better transit too? Listen to Transit Unplugged on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or Spotify for my thoughts on the future of transit.

Think frequent, all-day service: cut “commuter” rail, and replace it with “regional” rail that runs closer to subway or bus rapid transit frequencies. Build safe, pleasant, and vibrant places to catch your bus or train. Make fare payment simple, equitable, and convenient.

These enhancements make it easier for people to experience what’s inherently appealing about transit: relaxing while someone else drives; enjoying time that’s yours; and no need to find parking when you get to your destination!

Updated August 11, 2021 by Stewart Mader

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