Imagining Mobility & Making it Work

Imagine How COVID-19 Could Reshape Mobility for People Who Rely on Transit

Mask Transit: Woman waits for a tram in Bordeaux, France. Photo by Chapman Chow on Unsplash.
Some of transit’s most critical–and enduring–customers help us envision how transit can serve their new mobility needs.

Buy, Tap, Ride: Contactless Fare Payment on Light Rail Serving New York, Philadelphia

Buy, Tap & Ride: Transforming Digital Fare Payment on Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, Newark Light Rail, and River Line.,
Two machines plus ink give way to NJ Transit’s new digital link: a positive payment experience for 80,000 daily customers.

Pandemic Best Practices: Changing Transit’s Future

People waiting at a bus stop in Macau. Photo by Macau Photo Agency.
New circumstances strengthen the case for sustained investment in transit to adapt to a pandemic-prepared future.

45 Ways I’ve Transformed Customer Experience for 3rd-Largest US Transit Provider

See how I’ve enhanced customer experience throughout the 5,300m2 area served by the US’ 3rd-largest transit agency.

New York & New Jersey Subway Map: Seamless Transit for a Megaregion

New York & New Jersey Subway Map
Comprehensive transit map that promotes mobility by showing how transit systems bridge city and state boundaries.

Transit Standards: Branding, Digital Strategy & Graphic Standards for Public Transit

Transit Standards: Branding, Digital Strategy & Graphic Standards for Public Transportation
30+ transit agency graphics standards manuals from around the world, as well as dozens of articles, examples, and case studies.

PATH Riders Council: Model for Agency-Customer Collaboration

PATH Riders Council: Customer Collaboration to Enhance Transit Experience
I helped the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey strengthen customer engagement, expand service, and streamline transfers.

E-ZPass: A Unified Way to Pay for Riding and Driving

E-ZPass: Universal Way to Pay for Transit and Tolls?
Imagine if your transit fare card worked with E-ZPass, just like the transponder in your vehicle?

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